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The weaver of Gemstones

"I cannot stand discrimination. Often I have come across incidences when boys are enrolled in English medium schools and girls are put in Govt. schools thinking a girl’s education is less important. I strongly believe that such practices should be stopped. My son and my daughter both now go to English medium schools.


I learned English while working here and now I’m capable enough of helping out my children with their school homework. That makes me feel good about myself!"


Abira means strong women in Hebrew. An Abira is a warrior who paves the path to growth for herself, her family and the community.

Our journey of empowering marginalised women started in 2015 with a group of 8 women. We are a family of 190 Abiras now who have worked with us in past 5 years. Profits from our sales are invested towards trainings of our artisans.



The Team Behind the Scenes




Life at Abira is an inspirational journey in and out. Dreaming and building Abira is a decision worth investing soul for !

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Sourcing Head

Working and supporting a social cause has been a motto of my  life. It has given me a lot of  positivity, being surrounded by women with such great talents enhanced my self being. 




Reviving crafts of India and shaping it to design is what my inner peace is all about. Everyday is a learning.

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Brand Head

An idea of surrounding life around women, empowering them, supporting craft and most importantly leading a sustainable life is a mantra to live by.

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Being with women of strong character has made me confident as a person. Working to support a social cause, and getting to align a craft is a milestone in my professional journey.

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Designer/Production Manager

Abira is a home away from home. Bonding with artisans and endless opportunities of learning from them is the best part of my day.

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