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About Whe

Whebyabira is one of the brands from its parent company Abira Creations Pvt Ltd. The company started with a vision to empower women so that she becomes stronger and more confident especially in controlling her own life. 


Whe by Abira is a design-driven, ethical fashion accessories brand, committed to bring marginalized families out of the poverty cycle and inspire consumers to buy eco-friendly and handmade products. We ensure a fair family investment in education, health, and savings by adding mothers to the workforce and doubling their family income. 

We also work as a design, marketing, sales, and training mentor to many women micro-enterprises.

" Started in Dec 2015, Abira aims to build an ecosystem for marginalized women to learn and grow. "


made by WOMEN

We are an all women organisation from top management to artisans. Majority of raw material is also sourced from women manufacturing groups. Only 27% women in India are working, one of the lowest globally. We are committed to create livelihood opportunities for women from marginalized communities



Each piece of Whe accessory is handmade using variety of art and craft techniques. Some of these techniques have been practiced for centuries. We minimize the use of machines in our manufacturing process in order to ensure employment for more women. 



We love to experiment with our raw material. Fashion is 2nd most polluting industry. We wish it to be more sustainable. We transform garment cutting waste fabric, old papers, natural stones, recycled metals, natural fiber etc into sustainable yet trendy fashion accessories.

WHE stands for made by Women, Handmade and Eco-friendly.

Initiated in 2020, Whe started with a hope to connect the artisans to the consumer. Whe aim to sensitise customer towards eco-friendly alternatives of products they use. Every purchase ensures a fair wage to artisans. Most of the products are manufactured by women of our parent company Abira. It is the first job of most of its women artisans. 

The profitability from your purchase is invested towards life skill trainings. Our life skill trainings include english, maths, computers, financial literacy, legal literacy, yoga, spiritual learning, travel, theatre, dance, inspirational movies, family planning workshops, health checkups, nutrition awareness, visits to women led enterprises, entrepreneurship, leadership opportunities, etc 


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