Empowering women through Fair Fashion! 

Initiated in December 2015 by two women, Priyanka and Anju, who felt that women around them needed to become more stronger and confident especially in controlling their own life. Abira is the family of 170 women in Rahatani, Pune and 13+ women micro enterprises in various parts of India.

Abira means Strong women.

Abira now supplies uniques handcrafted jewelry, made by Abiras, to various fashion brands and invest back the life skill trainings of our artisans. Abira is the first job of most of its women artisans. 

Our life skill trainings include english, maths, computers, financial literacy, legal literacy, yoga, spiritual learning, travel, theatre, dance, inspirational movies, family planning workshops, health checkups, nutrition awareness, visits to women led enterprises, entrepreneurship, leadership opportunities, etc 

Dec, 2015

Abira started in Pune. Initial 8 women joined. Started manufacturing Jewelry.


One micro enterprise created. 120 women worked part-time. Expansion in Domestic Market


Started Bags manufacturing. 7+ women craft groups in 6 different states partnered 


Seed funding from CIIE under INVENT received. New team joined for Business Expansion

Whe by Abira

3/2, Gitai Complex basement, Near Rahatani Bus Stop,

Pavana Nagar, Rahatani, Pune, Maharashtra-411017, India



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