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Shiny Textured Ceramic Earring

Product Description 

Handcrafted glossy ceramic danglers imitating a color explosion in tints and shades of purple. Each piece is unique, irregularities are a part of its aesthetics.


About Collection 

This collection features ceramic jewelry made entirely by hand. The first step in creating these pieces is the preparation of the clay. Once the clay is ready to be mold, it is cut into the desired shape, and then its put in the furnace for firing. For the pattern on the top of each piece, a wooden stamp is used to create a depression on the clay pieces. After putting the glaze on the piece it again added to the furnace and fired. It is very difficult to replicate the same piece again and hence each piece is unique.


About Artisan 


Hi, I am Punit, the ceramic collection has been designed and developed by me. I have been creating with clay for the last 15 years, this is my passion. The firing of clay pieces and their glazing is an exciting and unpredictable process. to achieve the same result every time takes a certain amount of precision and dedication.

Shiny Textured Ceramic Earring

SKU: JE1364
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