Grey square enamel drop

About Product:

This earring is handmade using Enamel, Alloy wire, metal frames, and Glass Kundan. The outer edges are crafted using metal wires in the desired shape, the Kundan stones are then placed inside the frame. Enamel is carefully poured in filling up the empty space. As it dries all the material fuse into the form of this beautiful earring.


About Collection:

Made with fire, this collection features enamels (fine particles of glass) heated into a wireframe. The electric colours and the traditional motif, makes this collection the go to accessory to any traditional wear.


About Master Artisan:  


I cannot stand discrimination. Often I have come across incidences when boys are enrolled in English medium schools and girls are put in Govt. schools thinking a girl’s education is less important. I hate that. I strongly believe that such practices should be stopped. Ironically, after marriage, I enjoyed a lot of freedom. I st