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New Age Brides Breaking Stereotypes The Sustainable Way

Updated: Feb 2, 2022


Sustainable Weddings

The wedding fever was almost at its all time high as the year 2021 came towards an end. In recent years, there’s been a global push towards sustainability, and we’re starting to see a rise in eco-conscious couples, eco-friendly wedding products, and even ways to mitigate the waste produced at weddings to throw a sustainable wedding.

Of late, a lot of couples are deciding to trade in the big desi wedding scene for a more intimate, as well as sustainable one. In an era of increasing awareness around climate change and ecological preservation, big fat weddings are now seen as a spoilsport as a whole due to the amount of waste that is generated and the carbon footprint along with it. As many couples have decided to go ahead with their nuptials, they have also decided to be more conscious with the use of eco- friendly and sustainable products and decor for a sustainable wedding. Mind you that eco- friendly weddings are not all boring and unappealing as some people may associate being sustainable with bland, minimal, decor and less festivities. However, now there is an ample of options available to help host a tasteful eco-conscious and sustainable wedding. Be it with the decorations, wedding invites or the party favours there are innumerable choices that let you go green for your wedding. The best part about such weddings is that even the smallest of decisions count. Simply replacing party poppers with dried flower confetti can make a big difference and turn your wedding eco-friendly.

Yulu Bikes & E-Invites

Take Delhi couple, Aditya Agarwal and Madhuri Balodi, who decided to have a unique wedding wherein the 32- year old groom chose to ride Yulu bikes to his wedding venue instead of a car or chariot to avoid their carbon footprint.

image source, Instagram

Even the decor that was used for the ceremony like the buntings and the pandals were constructed either with recycled or eco- friendly materials.

The varmala as well which the couple exchanged was made from ‘tulsi’ or basil leaves. The ceremony was also a plastic-free zone. They also skipped printing out invitation cards and opted for a message detailing the programme which was circulated on Whatsapp.

Another interesting aspect of the wedding was that the couple decided to give plants instead of sweets to their guest and also

image source, Instagram

requested the use of newspaper wrappings instead of plastic for their gifts. When asked about their decision for choosing to go green for the big day, they responded by saying that the basic idea of the wedding was to spend less and also to enjoy more without harming the environment. Both the couple are very much nature lovers with Madhuri, the bride, being a social entrepreneur.

Breaking Stereotypes

Speaking of trailblazing couples, Kirti Poonia, the ex CEO of the company Okhai, and her husband decided to make their own rituals by breaking stereotypes and throwing a irreligious, conscious and mindful wedding. The couple decided to rethink and redesign the wedding ceremony in which they invented a set of rituals relevant to them as newly image source, Instagram weds.

The three part ceremony included the union prayer ritual in which everyone joined in for a unison prayer and manifestation for the happy union of the couple. The next part was a tree planting ceremony in which the couple planted a fruit tree using the soil that their guests had been asked to bring from their homes. This was their way of throwing homage to nature as a sustainable couple. The final ritual was a set of promises in which the couple exchanged in front of their loved ones. Aside from rethinking the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride also decided to wear an off-white lehenga , designed by Anita Dongre, instead of the traditional red and was adorned with simple silver jewellery.

image source, Instagram

image source, Instagram

image source, Instagram

New Age Brides

Another exemplary similar story is of a bride from Kerala who decided to wear eco- friendly jewellery that was made up of coconut shells instead of gold plated jewellery on her wedding day as it’s more sustainable in terms of breaking the traditional streotypes. Likewise, sustainable weddings can also mean having to trade in the extravagant dresses and jewellery for more sustainable pieces and items. image source, Instagram

With companies like Bombay Trade Co (pre-loved clothing) and Preserve (designer rental clothing), it’s become much easier to throw an eco-conscious wedding withpre-used clothing or rental outfits and have sustainable wedding dresses. And as for jewellery pieces, Whe’s sustainable wedding edit collection called 'Sea Secrets' definitely fits the occasion.

The collection is perfect for the festive look as they can be seen as elegant and graceful for the auspicious day. Handcrafted by our very own Abiras (empowered artisans), using materials such as Mother of Pearl (Nacre) that are locally sourced and made into beautiful jewellery any bride would be happy to wear. Take a look for yourself at some of the ornate designs and click the button below to shop the collection.


Whe's Sea Secrets Collection


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