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Earthy Wood, Cowry & Old Coin Bag Charm

About Product

This handcrafted bagcharm is made using wrapping technique to bind Cowry shells, old coins, wooden beads together and to make a perfect companion for your bags


Product Description

This collection comprises warm flamboyant jewelry pieces in neutral tones. The use of shells with elements like jute and metal coins gives it a very rustic look.


About Artisan

Savita Shinde

I only started working after my husband lost his job. Initially, it was quite challenging to manage family and work. I always wanted to help out my family in every possible way. Helping them financially with my earnings was a part of it. Working here, I have enrolled my son in an English medium school so that he gets a good education. My colleagues at work are no less than a family for me, they have supported me through thick and thin. My work life has made me confident and I feel extremely happy about it.

Earthy Wood, Cowry & Old Coin Bag Charm

SKU: JC0025
  • 7.5

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