Turquoise Blue Clay Drop Earring

About the Product:

Handcrafted and skilfully molded, simple yet elegant blue and golden clay earrings.


About the Collection:

A mixture of earth and water, this collection has a range of vividly painted earrings. Pottery has played a crucial role in our cultures, we are bringing a bit of our tradition back with Earthen Glow. Shop your pieces here.


About the Master Artisan:


I learned the art of pottery and clay molding as a child. It remained just a hobby till I took a sabbatical from work. Realising my passion for the same, I got a certification from RDDTC and established Terrabarn that caters to the terracotta jewellery market. I soon engaged more women, training and employing them. 
Swathi,  one of the women artisans at Terrabarn, joined 5 years ago. 18yrs of age and a school dropout, Swathi’s parents intented on marrying her off at the time.  She joined me as I needed more hands in the business and I hoped to keep her engaged in some way. She was a quick leaner and seemed to enjoy the process.Today, she has emerged as an excellent artisan and efficient manager, says Poornima

" I am soon to be married , but this time it is my choice. My parents are no more worried about me  instead are proud. I have realised the importance of financial independence, many girls like me do not get that chance. Now i have started saving towards my future family. I want my children to have good education and learn to be independent " - Swathi

Turquoise Blue Clay Drop Earring

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