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Silver Filigree Silver Drop Earrings

About the Product :

Handcrafted silver threads twisted into a delicate earring. 


About the Collection:

This collection features the beautiful craft of silver filigree. The process of making a silver filigree product is very peculiar in character; for it does not involve carving, engraving, or molding a block of metal into jewelry, rather, building the piece bit by bit, by joining hair-thin silver wires. Ingots of silver or gold are melted on a small stove and then poured into a mold to make rods. These rods are inserted into a manual wire drawing machines with smaller and smaller apertures, resulting in fine wires – the basic ingredients of filigree. Hair thin wires are crimped with a machine for a zigzag effect. Using tweezers, the craftsmen carefully solder these fine wires to the outlining frame. There are about ninety types of taar (wire) designs of spirals and curls, creepers and jaals, which the craftsmen use to fill in the outlines, like delicate spider webs of silver. Taking care not to break the thin strands of silver, yet curling and twisting them with great precision, craftsmen fill in the outlines, creating delicate gauzy patterns. This process requires extreme precision. The soldered piece is then heated to fuse the joins properly. The object is then polished and sometimes lacquered, for a final finish.

Silver Filigree Silver Drop Earrings

  • 925 Silver

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