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Set of Handmade Bidri Silver Pendant Necklace & Round Stud

These jewelry piece are made from a tradional craft called 'Bidri'. This craft is practised in Bidar, Karnataka. The Silver motif is made of Pure Silver inlay work while the black part is alloy of copper and zinc. Traditionally this craft is used in making Home decor items. This is an effort to experiment Bidri craft as Jewelry. About the Collection Bidri artwork is a form of metal handicrafts. It is named after Bidar, a city in Karnataka where it is widely practiced. It was developed in the 14th century. Bidri is made from an oxidized alloy of zinc and copper inlaid with pure silver. It is prized as a symbol of wealth. To Create this Collection artisan needs to follow eight stage process: The eight stages are moulding, smoothening by file, designing by chisels, engraving by chisel and hammer, pure silver inlaying, smoothening again, buffing, and finally oxidizing by soil and ammonium chloride. In this collection, the soil plays a very important role. It is believed to possess special properties that help oxidization giving it a beautiful blackened appearance.

Set of Handmade Bidri Silver Pendant Necklace & Round Stud

SKU: JN1132JE1370
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