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Multi Gemstone Necklace

About Product

Handcrafted matinee necklace. A mix of different gemstones stringed together and completed using twisting and braiding technique with a stitching thread.


About Collection

Sober, quirky and colorful, this collection has a stone for everyone. Coming from the crust of Earth the Gemstones add to your personality. From tiger's eye to agate to Lapis lazuli, we have everything m Get your aesthetic blanket here.


About Master Artisan

Rupali Avdhute

I was married at a very young age so could not complete my education. This is my first workplace. I have learnt financial english, computers, inventory management, production planning, ecommerce management and so many other skills here. I love my work.

Multi Gemstone Necklace

SKU: JN1065
  • 34"

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