Handmade Bidri Pure Silver Inlay Argyle Choker Necklace

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Handcrafted oxidized metal pendant Necklace


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Bidri artwork is a form of metal handicrafts. The eye-catching Mughal motifs are artistically etched in pure silver wires over an amalgam of metals such as copper and zinc which ushers the alloy a unique deep black color. Bidri reminds one of the silvery stars against a dark sky. The underlying concept is ''Beauty in contrast''.One of the oldest known metal handicrafts, Bidri appears to have had its origins in Persia and its development later happened at Bidar, in Karnataka nearly 700 years ago. One look at the "Objets d'art' created reveals the intricate and excellent workmanship involved. Traditionally created for royalty, today Bidri art is indeed a treat for art connoisseurs all across the world.


About Artisan

Sulechana: Hi, I am Sulechana & I am a mother to five kids & my entire family is dedicated to Bidri artwork. I remember learning this intricate handicraft skill from my father at a very young age & it continues to be the only source of livelihood for our family till now.

Handmade Bidri Pure Silver Inlay Argyle Choker Necklace

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