Dokra coil necklace

About Product: 

Handcrafted princess dokra necklace. Coiled charms have been skilfully weaved together in this stunning one of the kind neckpiece. 



About Collection:

This collection has been made using a 4000 year old technique known as the lost wax metal casting. Which also gives the collection it's special coil like appearance, which is infact from the rolled wax used as the mould. Wear your piece of tradition today.


About Master Artisan:


After 13 long years in corporate banking sector, I decided to take a break. Handicrafts was one area always spiked my interest, so I travelled around Orissa learning about various art forms visiting craft clusters and meeting artisans. I learned two facts that became the foundation of all my future efforts. First, many of these beautiful crafts and art forms were barely sustaining, and second if they fetched unfair prices for the artisans involved. I saw that while dokra jewellery, artefacts were sold at high prices in the export or domestic market, the artisans barely scraped by living in mud huts, thatched roofs struggling for their next meal. Since then I have been working to address these problems. My moto has been carved around my learnings from my travel, authentic products at fair prices that help the artisans survive and thus in turn sustains the craft.

Dokra being a community based craft, we are associated with multiple artisan families in various villages Bharpada, Dhenkanal in Orissa. This 4000 year old craft often calls upon the entire family being dedicated to the various stages and processes. Sanathan and his family is one such artisan family from Dhekanal village. Sanathan and his brother are the master artisans, while their wives help in cleaning and polishing stages.

Dokra coil necklace

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    Handmade dokra charm, Embroidery thread

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